Random pieces

Since I am lame-o and had no plan to keep my creative mind going while I moved across town and then went on vacation for two weeks, here is a meager linkful post to keep things going.

Basically, these are the first few posts that are starred in my Google Reader.

Hmmm. via mlkshk.com


I really want to make a few of these bracelets.

And Alejandra always makes my mouth water, while teaching me some new culinary tidbit. Really want some of this.

I really want to try Birchbox, but I can't until I get rid of all the bits and pieces of beauty products I have left in my bathroom cabinets. Linley allows you to enjoy vicariously.


Monkeys are awful. (For clarification, they aren't doing anything gross. Click away without fear.)

Erin has the same excite-o-meter as me.

Sand is amazing at 250X magnification.

3D printer. The cartoon is almost not funny because it's too close to the truth.