What's Up Wednesday!

I haven't been up to spinning much this week, but there was a blizzard of activity with the dye pot. It's the only kind of blizzard you are likely to see here in Las Vegas. I dyed up two weeks of sunsets (and now I need to knit them....) I also came up with some intense colors that will definitely be repeated.

The teal will just not photograph true. The camera wants it to be blue, and even with fiddling with the camera and then fiddling with the photo, I can't get an accurate representation of the color. Which is a shame, because it is my favorite of the lot.

I've also been working on a sock. I have a goal of being the crazy sock lady, but I had trouble liking socks. Part of the problem was the patterns I was choosing, and part of the problem was the yarn I had. So I picked a pattern that, while pretty tedious and complicated, was nowhere near as difficult to follow as my first attempt. I also found some yarn that makes me happy to work with. My husband said it looked like "a parrot on a Rastafarian island." Now that's some happy yarn.

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