What's Up....Thursday!

I have this problem. If I think intensely about something, I put it in the "Done" folder of my brain. Which means that I think I've done things like call my friends, replied to text messages, or post on my blog, simply because I thought really hard about doing it.

Which is all to say- this should have been here yesterday, but I like to excuse myself with the adage "Better late than never."

I spent some time last week finally setting up an Etsy shop. So if you like what you see here, go check it out.

I've also been making some fun things. The first is this yarn, which I made in response to a local guild's Winter Fiber Challenge. For last year. S'okay, I got a really fun experiment out of it. The challenge was to create a skein of yarn inspired by a picture of nature. 

from ecologiesofknowing.com

I've also started on this laceweight- I'm using up some grab-bag fiber I purchased on sale, and I'm stretching it by making lace. Only 1700 yds to go...

I was feeling overwhelmed this morning, so I needed a project that I could finish today. So I'm spinning up singles from the last batts I have in this color. I'm calling it "Under the Bridge." The colors came together as an experiment to combat a tragic dye accident that had left me with neon virulent green. As my brother remarked "troll hair green." It turned out well, so I may try to do this again on purpose.

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