Hello World!


  1.  Pretentious?
  2.  Futile?
  3.  Frivolous?
  4.  Full-blown job?
  5.  Hobby?
  6. Outlet for anyone who thinks they are a Writer?

Yep. Could be all of those things. 

I really think that for me I can check boxes for numbers 5 and 6. Probably never going to make it to number 4- that is for all those people much crazier and self-promoting than myself. Being self-promoting enough to even get a readership is going to be difficult enough. 

Unfortunately, when I think of myself blogging, numbers 1-3 come to mind too easily. I’m sure it isn’t helping things that I am writing this on an empty stomach at a quarter to five after a disheartening round of futile job applications and thinking of cobbling dinner together for my husband and son out of a sad and bare-ish fridge since I didn’t go get groceries today. (No, nobody is going hungry. Yes, dinner might be a little strange. Whatever. I’ll pretend It’s an episode of Chopped.) Also, fuck you iTunes for choosing this exact moment to play “Remember When” by Alan Jackson. I pretty much always want to cry when I listen to that song, which makes me wonder why I rated it so highly. Such a downer. Such a good song.  

What were we talking about? Oh, yeah. Why am I blogging? Because I have been reading blogs for years, and I feel like I am a sad little orphan with my nose pressed to the window of the warm, bakery-scented blogosphere, looking at all my favorite blogs networking and making friends. Be my friend! (Imagery straight out of “A Little Princess.”)

Also- excuse the bare bones of the template right now. True story- I’ve had this blog sitting here for 8 months. I had 5 or 6 blog posts written and saved on my computer before it crashed 3 weeks ago and ate every file on it. I have a perfection problem, and I wasn’t going to “start” this project until I had a perfect plan, self-promotion strategy, template, and 2 weeks of posts. Well, if I wait for that, I might not ever start, so here goes. 


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging, also known as "if I write it in the forest of blogs, will someone read it?" I've only been blogging for a short while myself, and find myself checking how many people read it, as if that is a barometer on how many people care. You will find blogging to be a solitary act, sort of aesthetically spitting into the wind, akind to praying, and not far from talking to yourself. I post occasionally on Eat The Damn Cake because I know Kate personally and her blog to me is just an extension of conversations we have been having all of her life. Rarely does any post on mine, although my posts don't really pose any questions to be asked. Just like this post of yours is not really asking for a response.

  2. I am just trying this out. I've thought about doing it for so long, I just thought I should do it. I've read blogs for quite a while, and I think I know what is required to generate comments and discussion and community with a blog, so I'm building towards that. Thank you so much for stopping by- I'll visit soon. :)

  3. You are a great blogger Marie!! I enjoyed reading this and the other one, too! It is very true to you =) And the crazy thing is I just listened to "Remember When" two days ago in the car and started to cry and was pretty depressed for about an hour. Great song though =)

  4. Kim! You are awesome for writing a comment.

    And I am really glad I'm not the only one who gets emotionally overwrought over that song.