Random Bits

Organized bloggers make lists about cool things they have seen around the internet on a regular schedule, and have thoughtful comments on them. I use it as a stop-gap when my muse has failed me.

Yeah, this is what you get from me: I have no brain today, but I saw some cool things-

Animal eyelashes - exactly what it sounds like, go look, you won't regret it.

I want this cookbook. Which should give me a good reason not to point you to this giveaway, but like I said, no brain today.

Mommy-rexia. I totally thought this way. It is such a disappointment to have your kid and still look and feel pregnant.


  1. well thank you for linking to me! :)

  2. Why would you want a cookbook that is meant for cooking for one?? You need 3!

  3. Lunch!Plus, did you see! Mini meatloaf!